So, what’s Uh-oh Daddy all about anyway?

Uh-oh Daddy is a comic strip about little babies and the big idiots who father them.

As a father of four, I know a thing or two about the trials and tribulations that come along with caring for a baby. A dad’s sense of adventure, disregard for safety, and general stupidity tend to conflict with the loving and nurturing environment babies need. Uh-oh Daddy explores the outer edges of this adventure called fatherhood. It is a hands-on “what-not-to-do” instruction guide for new and experienced dads alike. Remember dads, Uh-oh Daddy is our little secret. Don’t tell the moms out there. They’re already paranoid that the harrowing moments depicted in Uh-oh Daddy are exactly what happen when dads are left alone to watch the kids.

Happy Reading!


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